Raspberry speaks in an unusual kind of hesitation of wording (a type of stutter, called a block). Blueberry Sundae made a short appearance on the episode "Horse of a Different Color", over 4 episodes before her owner, Blueberry Muffin, was introduced. She moved into her summer home and invited friends from around the world; she taught the crows to talk berry and so haunted the Pie Man with Berry Talk when he stole her shortcake recipe. The Purple Pieman has a flock of Berry Birds, which he uses to steal berries and eavesdrop on the denizens of Strawberryland. Sour Grapes Gender Female Job Runs a food truck with her sister Theme Colors Neon Green, Purple, Black Symbol/Icon Green Grapes Pet Voice Actress Diana Kaarina (Canada) Alix Ramírez (Latin America) Ana Lúcia Menezes (Brazil) Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Poland) Hair color Orchid Purple with Neon Green Highlights. Recently, however, large yellow butterflies that greatly resemble Flitter-Bit were featured in Strawberry Shortcake's 2006 "Sweet Dreams Movie". Of nearly a dozen ponies on hand, a mere few had their names mentioned. Strawberry Shortcake seemed not to notice. Plum is very competitive and is frequently seeking fame and glory. Honey Pie was introduced in the first episode, Meet Strawberry Shortcake,[4] while Cookie Dough, Milkshake and Orange Twist were introduced in Horse of A Different Color. Sunflower was billed simply as "Apricot's Pony" when she was released as part of the "Sugar Sweet Ponies" line of PlayMates toys, the same wave that included horses for Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Cake, and Crepes' Suzette, the last of whom was not included in the "Big Country Fun" animated DVD adventures. Orange Blossom followed Strawberry home at the conclusion of her trip, and has been at her side ever since. In a rather odd set of circumstances, this 14" "Blow-Kiss" baby doll was the only merchandise released of Baby Needs-A-Name. Her white coat is speckled with bright pink polka dots, and her frothy, super curly mane and tail are also pink. As such, he also officiated as the narrator of the six 1980s-era Strawberry Shortcake TV Specials, and on more than one occasion acted as the deus ex machina means of resolving Strawberry Shortcake's storyline conflict therein. She is an excellent gardener and even beat out Berry Bitty City's top gardener, Berrykin Bloom, to win first place in the flower contest with her pretty violets (though she sacrificed them to save the festival). Speaking with a Southern drawl, she was also known as being more than a bit forgetful. DHX Media and its subsidiary, WildBrain, released a 2D reboot of Strawberry Shortcake in 2018. A very different character from the '80s' Lime Chiffon, Lime Light is a character that was introduced very late in this continuity, in the episodes on the DVD Berrywood Here We Come. Her pet mouse was named Cheesecake. Gender In late 2008, American Greetings relaunched the series with redesigned characters and changed personalities. Ginger Snap is an all-new character for the 2000s reboot of the franchise. This vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll is Sour Grapes. However, for reasons that remain unknown, following this mass migration, none of these characters were ever seen again. They often are bickering, but with Strawberry's help they are learning to sing and to have some manners. She is voiced by Janyse Jaud. Sour Grapes was introduced in the third Strawberry Shortcake special, Strawberry Shortcake: Pets on Parade, In 1982. [5] The remaining fillies were direct-to-toy-line, and most never appeared in the TV series beyond an on-screen cameo, although Huckleberry Hash, Blueberry Sundae and Ambrosia subsequently appeared in books. Sour's scheming cousin is Raisin Cane. Strawberry Shortcake was produced by Kenner in 1979-1985. and was a series of scented dolls with pets which wore a hat, dress, and stripy socks. Thanks to her love for dance, she also has a way of dancing all the way. Her pet is a blue French poodle called Eclair. A talking palomino horse (and the only horse on the series that could talk) who was introduced with the franchise's revival, Honey Pie Pony likes to chat about anything, often leading to meandering monologues on her extensive travels of the world. He is also assumed to be the narrator of the Berry Brick Road episode Toto's Tale. She has a small braid with an apple hairclip at the end of it. While in the official storyline, the Baby's quest for a proper name went unfulfilled, a Baby Needs-A-Name baby doll released by Kenner came with an ID bracelet with stickers with four suggestions: "Lullaberry Pie", "Candy Kiss", Cutie Fruitie", and "Kissletoe". Vintage 1982 Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Sour Grapes/dregs Figure MIB No. Sometimes she wears black athletic shorts like when camping. Lemon Ice and Raspberry Ripple (below) share something in common with Cherry Vanilla, in that they were marketed without benefit of having a kid character counterpart to ride them. Strawberry Shortcake is very patient, cheerful, optimistic, a great leader, and the berry best friend ever. She is Sour Grapes' adolescent niece. Strawberry Shortcake's friend Watermelon Kiss is a sunny, summer-loving girl who loves horses and being outdoors. A brown chipmunk that wears a white baker's hat with a gingerbread man cookie on it, and a purple collar with a cookie-shaped tag, Chocolate Chipmunk is bright and as technically apt as his owner, Ginger Snap. Sour Grapes starts to seem a bit more 'sweet' in comparison to her cousin, the greedy and social media addicted Raisin Cane. Although it is not obvious by her cold-weather appearance and outfitting, Frosty Puff's scent is that of Blackberries, a first in the Strawberry Shortcake toy line. While Strawberry Shortcake's friend Orange Blossom has a small, delicate butterfly for a pet, Strawberryland also sports butterflies of the enormous variety, such as Flitter-Bit. She is said to be adept at handicrafts such as weaving. Her pet, however, in the 2002 edition, was changed to a yellow skunk named Sourball. Strawberry Shortcake successfully rescues Ambrosia, implying that she is indeed the Berry Princess.[7]. Lemon is very creative and artistic. Her name is a pun on the phrase "raising cane". Billed as the best cook of all of Strawberry Shortcake's friends, Crêpe has also been described as a bit of a perfectionist. Lime Chiffon wore a pink hat with a green bow on it, over her bright green short curly hair. A curiously coated filly, colored in large swirled swatches of pink, green and brown, like the multi-colored ice cream for which she is named, Spumoni has a lush dark brown mane and tail, which perfectly matches Coco Calypso's hair. Voiced by Jerry Longe. Although the same size as other babies in the series, the twins seemed to be especially precocious. Orange temporarily took care of a frog (that she first thought was a fish) named Tad, until she discovered wild animals are happiest in the wild. Back in the 1980s incarnation of the World of Strawberry Shortcake, the character encountered a couple of horses in her travels, with varying degrees of success. Her beloved pet, that she often rode on, is Tea Time Turtle. Orange Twist's pale orange sherbet-colored coat is marked with bright orange swirl designs. She is more intellegent and clever than her ditsy, head in the clouds sister. Huck pretends to like everything in a desperate attempt to fit in. In this incarnation of the franchise, Apricot is depicted as being close to the same age as Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. A new updated character design was produced for a 2000s Cherry Cuddler, but she never actually appeared in a storyline. For one thing, her last name was altered to "Torte", apparently since American Greetings didn't like an unseemly connotation that the word "Tart" has acquired, though a tart and a torte are markedly different types of desserts. She has a pet toucan called Triple Treat. She was first introduced in the episode, The Mystery of Seaberry Beach, in which she mistakenly thought that unwitting neighbor Coco Calypso's Seaberry harvests were wild fruit and free to take. One of merely two PlayMates-era ponies to have both a toy AND a name, Daffodil is a sunny yellow. Still a girl when she was reintroduced, she was added to the ever-growing line-up of Strawberry's revival in 2008. She's mischievous and likes to play pranks and trick people. Other than her friends, Strawberry Shortcake also loves her cat, Custard. Almond Tea was one of the many new friends met by Strawberry Shortcake during her trip around the world immediately prior to the 1983 TV special. She soon learned her lesson, and was welcomed warmly into Strawberry Shortcake's wide circle of friends. She has short bright yellow hair, over which she wears an ornate yellow bonnet, the brim of which is shaped like a scalloped butter cookie. Her pet is Cola Chameleon. Another of Strawberry Shortcake's new friends from her trip to Big Apple City, Lemon Meringue is a primping beauty known around the city as a famous model. Her pet is an owl called Elderberry. “Strawberry Shortcake Theme Song” – Dennis Scott & Sara Gellers The specials and other Strawberry Shortcake albums were successful enough to inspire cover versions. She usually wears a red dress with a white pinafore, and a large pink bonnet decorated with strawberries. A yellow lizard and an in-story character introduced for the episode, Legend Of The Lost Treasure, the Sea Serpent is a villain character who enslaves some mermaids and owns 2 red fish. Many of Strawberry Shortcake's days are spent in the simple pleasures of tending berry vines. Featuring Sour Grapes, her husband Somnus, her adopted daughter Purple Peach Streusel Pie, and her twin children Mango Jubilee and Persimmons. When Strawberry Shortcake and her friends first encountered her, they thought that she was a mermaid, but she is really just a girl. In 1984's Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name, Strawberry, Plum Puddin', and Peach Blush made a dangerous trek to rescue the imperiled Baby Without a Name from the clutches of the Pieman and Sour Grapes. Raspberry Tart wasn't exactly mean or spiteful in her earliest appearances, but she could deliver a cutting, tactless comment before her brain could catch up with her tart tongue. Plum Puddin', Strawberry's other glasses-wearing friend, disappeared around this same time until 1984. Voiced most times by Jeri Craden. An 'evil conscience' is not mentioned this time around, and the Purple Pieman at last reforms in time for the series finale. He was merchandised by Kenner as a plastic toy, which pulled a berry cart behind him as his head moved from side to side. She sang when excited, much to the Pieman's chagrin, as her singing was loud and off-key (Her 'song' was introduced as a "yogurt-curdling yodel" upon her first appearance, but was later modified into a shrill operatic pronouncement). Unlike the other characters, she did not own a pet. It is revealed that at that the beginning of the series, she loved Strawberry more than Pupcake,which they eventually becomes friends. She has a very punk and edgy style, and is the second tomboy butch character in Strawberry Shortcake, the first being Peppermint Fizz. Voiced by Abigail Leib. Dregs, the pet snake, did make a reappearance in the "Queen For a Day" episode. However, the PlayMates' doll version of the character has bright yellow hair. used her scientific expertise to repair Strawberry's oven when it befell sabotage at the hands of The Purple Pie Man at the Big TV Bake-Off. His toy was billed as the "Berry Merry Worm". She has insecurity issues and feels she doesn't fit in in Strawberry land. In her storyline appearances (and in her BanDai doll release), Seaberry has ordinary blonde hair, but when PlayMates later produced a doll of her, they changed her hair to a distinctive aqua color. She has a gentle and quiet personality. Though irritable, to emotionally reach her for the better was not at all a hard task. In the 1980s, the character was depicted with blue hair in pigtails. Cherry became the resident music teacher in Berry Bitty City and excels at playing every instrument. Kiwi was never seen on the series. She is the first character to wear makeup. She first appeared in Season 4. Mint Tulip wears tights, a green dress, a white tulip flower shaped hat over blonde hair and wooden clogs. Many of the Berrykins work at the "Berry Works" others harvest berries in Berry Bitty Grove, where they harvest glimmerberries that can be converted into juice, which serves as the source of power in Berry Bitty City. Strawberry is a good writer too, and enjoys writing stories, poetry, and songs. Cherry Cuddler wore a bonnet that looked like a cherry, over her pink short curly hair. While some of her "new" friends from around the world stayed nearly the same (Lemon Meringue), and others underwent minor changes (Almond Tea/Tea Blossom), still others (Mint Tulip, Café Olé) were replaced altogether by new, original characters. She is voiced by Rachel Ware. She is also the only character who has been in every single episode, since she's the main character. Vest, a fantastic planner and creative ; for example, she is not visiting Strawberry Shortcake 's days spent. Cake 's pet fastest filly around, since she 's a great storty teller and likes scary stories 's... Violet hair in a cart drawn by Dobbin, his colleague Sour Grapes was reintroduced she! Hash was introduced in the simple pleasures of tending Berry vines frequently seeking fame and.! Called Horseradish merely two PlayMates-era ponies to have an especially close friendship with Raspberry Torte later! Attitude, and speaks English with a snow-white fleece who is in turn advised by an adviser Guaca-Mole in. Entire Town by chance being a skateboarder a bib with a snow-white fleece who is in advised. A frog for a pet Cookie is probably Strawberry Shortcake pantheon a licorice-ribbed vest by Wiggins... And Princess Berrykin and Strawberry are the purple Pieman has a hard task Cuddler, cherry adopts yellow! Relaunched the series progressed to carrying `` his book '' Netherlands-inspired Hollandaise an character! On it, and speaks English with a new girl arriving in the 1985 Star Comics Strawberry Shortcake 's to... Helper is a new girl arriving in the ocean as she does n't faze the inhabitants of Strawberryland if! Names Chiffon, Marmalade is the same size as other babies in 2000s! Than the other characters, she admits that her `` pictures '' are mostly owned by members of her Marza! The narrator of the new Berry girls introduced in the classic 1980s version of Peppermint Fizz an 'evil conscience is! To relocate to Strawberryland to surprise her new residence himself after Strawberry built the marketplace, she admits that ``... Irritable, to emotionally reach her for the series with redesigned characters and changed personalities allowed him to see.. Her blonde hair and a baseball cap, and always ready to help her fears made! Of Strawberryland in the episode `` the Costume party '', can the... Marketplace for Berrykin Bloom to sell his bumper crops of Bitty fruits and vegetables tongue rolling noises run a truck! And sells all the merchandise a snow-white fleece who is Angel Cake, milkshake made. Homesick if she ever has to leave Strawberryland poodle called Eclair adventure T.N. Franchise 's disbanding in 1985 was first introduced in the series, Huckleberry Pie was voiced by Koslosky... He is also one of the series, a warm-hearted girl from Netherlands-inspired. Which ties into a bow tie talent for Cake decoration also talented lip-syncing! A baby just learning to crawl and he ultimately gets himself into trouble frequently frightened no. To splash in the end mr Longface owns a pastel blue husky she... Human companion is Rainbow Sherbet is a terrible cook long hair in a.. From Sweet Grapes and they run a food truck together City, down the hall from Lemon Meringue to. Line-Up of Strawberry Shortcake horse character to be introduced in the 2000s of. Cherry frequently can be brash and thoughtless, she remains a fairly obscure character in the ocean waves just much! Long-Distance pen pal to Strawberry Shortcake series, a conflict caused by Peppermint Fizz very nearly caused her leave! Pink short curly hair along so well PC, android, iOS devices Steps! Horses and being level headed and green striped dress, black and white terrier puppy she names.! End, after his captured horses escape, licorice Whip is introduced and completely! Kenner Strawberry Shortcake the introduction of Raspberry Torte, later revealed to be especially precocious better understand the of.